Authoritarian Populism

by Flesh Incineration

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released June 17, 2016



all rights reserved


Flesh Incineration

Flesh Incineration is from the United States and is influenced musically by grindcore, goregrind, powerviolence, and brutal death metal.

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Track Name: Reckless Resistance
Extreme backlash
Ever deepening descent
into reckless resistance
This outrage meant to defend
your stunted beliefs
Has gone beyond conserving
outdated views
steeping you deeper in hate

A hate far bolder
than what you bargained for
This defense so vital
to what you hold as truth
has stacked illusion
upon delusion
building a foundation
of malice and lies

You are the real threat
Sociopolitical cowards
with a death wish
Clawing for power

Extreme backlash
An ever deepening descent
Ready to use hate,
Bigotry, and fear,
to tear at the threads
of our society
What hell are you trying
to set us up for?

You are the real threat
Sociopolitical cowards
Track Name: Authoritarian Populism
Rallying divisive citizens
blind to the larger context
lying beyond their deepest fears
of reality and delusion

Simple minded
Authoritarian Populism

Unifying suffering minds
craving an insulating, false order
bolstering exaggerated fears
a petulant resistance to change

Leading the most angry and afraid
of our tired, of our poor,
vulnerable to half-truths
our huddled masses yearning for blood
looking for an enemy to lay blame upon
sending them against each other
opposing diversity
and all who get in the way

Simple minded
Authoritarian Populism

Ushering in

The stage has been set
Beyond any one individual
who would seek to lead
through authoritarian power
The populous is poisoned
willing to limit civil liberties
and trample human rights to preserve
themselves and the status quo

Simple minded
Authoritarian Populism
Track Name: You Disagree or Do You?
Should they feel
put in their place
When your reasons
for disagreeing
and misrepresent
What you claim
to disagree with?

Servant of ignorance
standing so bold
Misinformed opinion
no truth to be told
Rooted in beliefs
decades, centuries, old
Values incongruent
with what you uphold

Feeling resolute
Feeling justified
Feeling accomplished
striking at the air

Your passion about things
you don't understand
Hasn't put anyone
in their place
But it's shown us
That your place
is firmly seated
in damaging ignorance