Fuel For The Fire

by Flesh Incineration

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released October 2, 2015



all rights reserved


Flesh Incineration

Flesh Incineration is from the United States and is influenced musically by grindcore, goregrind, powerviolence, and brutal death metal.

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Track Name: Chains of Fear
Love and fear
Both the same to you
Failure to grasp
2,000 year old words
You've managed to undo
Any news that was good
By clinging to the old
Strict morality and judgment

Chains of fear
And masked
By false grace

Ever fearing damnation
Perfect love casts out all fear
And has no fear of punishment
Yet you cling to it
Fearing your God, yourself, the world
Making absolutes out of expressions
False belief that humanity
Is wicked to the core

Avoiding education
Avoiding knowledge
Avoiding different thoughts
Avoiding truth

Hiding, secluding
Avoiding reality
For fear of punishment
From a loving God

Freedom looks like chains on you
Fear has bound you down
Freedom looks like chains on you
Fear has bound you down
Track Name: Dream Our Dreams
Dream our Dream
Dream our Dreams

Fantasies and a coat of many colors
Grandiose goals of emptiness
Bought and sold
With the currency of naivety

Chewed up and spit out by reality
An unexpected mundane mediocrity
Ambitions reduced to a granular size
Full potential never realized

Walking their path like a puppet
Dreaming their shallow dreams
Listening to their limited perspectives
Passion bridled and reigned to death

Stranded in the depths of a pit
Completely unaware
Dreaming their dreams
Exploited naivety
Track Name: Setting The Record Crooked
Champion of the underdogs
with big dog privileges
Taking a self-righteous stand
against "hypocrisy"
Trying to bridge a gap
without a bridge to stand on
Trying to criticize
What you know little about

You're in over your head
attempting the impossible
Judging the 'hypocrisy'
of what you don't understand

What you're doing isn't respectable
Pretending you're not part of the problem
You're doing more harm than good
Swimming in your sea of delusion
Track Name: Free (No Money Down) Salvation (Pay Later)
Is it works?
Is it grace
and works?
Is it grace?

Know-it-all soteriology
Judging others' lives
with 'do's and 'don't's
who and who 'can't's

Is it works?
Is it grace
and works?
Is it grace?

Your master is religion
Your reward is control
Time to stop pretending
you believe in grace

Is it works?
Is it grace
and works?
Is it grace?
Track Name: Patriotic Nationalists
Patriotic nationalists
Parading and claiming freedom
and justice for all...
who are like you

One language
One religion
One morality
One way to think

One language
One religion
One morality
One delusion

Buyers of fear-based propaganda
Blind supporters of a stagnant nation
A nation that has little reason
to be proud of your myopic vision of freedom

Seeking to wield and bend the law
to curb the freedoms of others
Preserving your beliefs through selfish distortions
That's your patriotic way

Freedom and justice for all...
who are like you