by Flesh Incineration

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released January 22, 2016



all rights reserved


Flesh Incineration

Flesh Incineration is from the United States and is influenced musically by grindcore, goregrind, powerviolence, and brutal death metal.

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Track Name: Honing Stagnation
You believe in growth along a linear path
Yet feed your mind with the same old messages

A master of confirmation bias
Mistaking the circular for linear
Thinking challenging your beliefs
Is being hardheaded when challenged

Honing stagnation
Perfecting ignorance

Illusion of growth
A tree that bears hollow fruits
Ready to be cut down
And cast into the fire
Track Name: Social Injustice Warriors
Proudly hateful
Aversion to understanding
Self-righteous cowards
Uniting in fear based aggression
Track Name: Eyes and Ears to What
You can read
You don't see
You can hear
You don't listen
Track Name: Some People Can't Make a Joke
It used to be that a person could take it
When their joke just wasn't funny
Now it's 'you're too sensitive'
Or 'you think I'm offensive'

Hurt or no hurt
Offensive or not
No one owes you a laugh
For the jokes you make
Track Name: Terrorist is yet another Word for Coward
Dominance and lies
Aggression and violence
The tools of cowards
Desperate for control

Weak and fearing a world not conforming
To their fragile wants, beliefs, and gods
Some are ready to escape through death
Too afraid to live this life

The weak, and cowardly, gorging themselves
On their own fears before spreading
Their antiquated fear-driven beliefs
Threatened by equality for all

Attempts to prove power through violence
Showing how truly powerless
They feel and are
Terrorists are no more than cowards
Pawns of fear
And fear-based ideologies

Suicide bombers, bigots, misogynists,
Political and religious extremists,
Mass shooters, faux news media
Cowards spreading their own fears

We must challenge cowardice
Not succumbing to fear with fear
Embracing wisdom and peace
Leaving fear no more space
Track Name: Coward is yet another Word for Human
Our fears complicate a mandate
To love and respect all
And take a stand against hate
But not each other
Track Name: There is No Glory…
In war
Track Name: Comnmuicitaon
Your words are as clear as mud
Track Name: You’re Not Pro-Life
You're not pro-life; you're just pro-birth
Shallow moral supremacist
Throwing the baby out with the bath water
All part of your reckless crusade
Track Name: Glory in Tragedy is Tragic
Tragedy strikes and you praise God for keeping you safe and alive
What does that mean for those who died?
What does that mean about your god?
Tragedy strikes and you praise God for his will that’s good and divine
How do your delusions comfort their families?
How do your delusions comfort anyone but you?
Track Name: Cheap Rationalization of Objectification
Writing off your “lust” as biological
To absolve you of responsibility

All of the whining
All the complaining
Conveniently blaming
Continually shaming…

Everyone and everything
Except the mind that controls the dick
Track Name: Calling It
Call it a night