Nescient Atrophy

by Flesh Incineration

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(free) 01:22


released May 14, 2014



all rights reserved


Flesh Incineration

Flesh Incineration is from the United States and is influenced musically by grindcore, goregrind, powerviolence, and brutal death metal.

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Track Name: Waste of Time
The goal was healthy discourse
forward motion to create understanding
but you're only here for you
and now you're on the attack

Verbal jabs and emotional stabs
defensive placing of false blame
no substance or merit to your words
pure denial and ignorant claims

Self inhibiting twisted opinions
Sowing seeds of discord and lies
Dismissive distortions
that don't warrant reply

You and those who tag along
Can believe what you desire
Your lack of awareness
and attachment to self-image

May convince those
who think of themselves
but it won't convince those
who think for themselves
Track Name: Hell House
As they do
May your kingdom come
As they do
May your will be done

Casting out devils
by the prince of devils
Unholy invocation of fear
by the righteous


Satiating your own
fear driven need
to spread 'the news'
as if it were a plague

Infecting, corrupting
poisoning, putrefying

Expecting a blossom to bloom
from destructive works you will reap
a fool's yield birthing offspring
twice the children of hell you are

As they do
May your kingdom come
As they do
May your will be done
On earth as it is in hell
Track Name: Derogatory Diction
Piling on
Bigotry and hate
The marginalized
and oppressed you equate
with anything
you dislike
derogatory diction
disgusting trait

Somehow we're
supposed to believe
That it's okay
when you say
"that's gay"
Irrationally justified
"It's just a word"
"It's just humor"

Derogatory diction
Disgusting traits

Whatever your "morals"
Whatever your "values"
It's an identifier
for a group of people
you dehumanize
degrade and belittle
Making them synonymous
with your petty dislikes
Track Name: Talk is Cheap; Violence is Worthless
Embracing violence because
cheap talk's too rich for you
Showing you're weak
Immature and insecure
Big man, tough guy
Ready to fight
Frightened animal
Backed in a corner
Over cheap words you can't handle
Track Name: Wild at Heart
It was the clothes she was wearing
The looks she was giving
The way her body is shaped
You "couldn't help it" or

"She was the one who brought it on"
Judging women as immodest, seductive
Living walking stumbling blocks

The only stumbling block here
is the blame you use as an excuse
to defend the corrupt beliefs
that you hold at your core

That women are primarily sexual objects
or "holy" reproductive incubating machines

The catcaller says take it off
And masquerading as moral
You say cover it up
You're both the same

Equally sexualizing
Attempting to control

Every day the same beliefs are used
To say it was her fault
She should dress, act,
talk differently

Lies that she's to blame for sexual assault
Men's accountability swept under rug

"Modest" or "immodest"
Dress is irrelevant
Your beliefs, words, actions
Dehumanize, and abuse
Track Name: Why So Threatened?
Frightened by ideas
The consideration of equality
Cuing the brutish reactions
Of fearful oppressors and cowards

Not looking to lose
Their power, comfort, or image
Silencing those who ask questions
Attacking those who disagree

Distorted belief that only the oppressor
has the right to free speech
Protecting that "right"
by threatening the freedom of others
Who ask questions and disagree
Track Name: Sinsational
Exaggerated fear of "sin"
so powerful you're on the defense
Thinking fearfully,
'how will this tempt me?'

Making "sin" so wrong you hide it in shame
Cover it up and let it fester
as you mourn your weakness
In the face of "sin's power"

You fall over and over again
to an illusion of fires on the horizon.

What makes you think you'll ever
get off the ground
while always looking down?
Focused on the fall
Instead of the goal

The mustard seed meant to move mountains
Now grows them
Water your faith
With grace and love
Not fear and scornful shame
Track Name: Idolizing Idolatry
Mystic interpretation
Tangible idolatry

Once marked by graven image
associated with rituals of harm
Now a "concept" of giving "too much"
to anything that isn't the church

Abstract intangible form
Broad and applicable to all things
"Idolatry" elevated
Demanding such attention in practice
That battling idolatry
Becomes an act of "idolatry" itself
Stirring paranoia and shame
Cultivating doubt and self-hate

Mystic interpretation
Tangible idolatry

These are the fruits
of idolizing "idolatry"
paranoia and shame
doubt and self-hate
Track Name: To Hell in a Hand Basket
Universal human rights,
Global response to natural disasters,
Advocacy for the equality
of the oppressed and minorities,

You think the world's getting worse?
Maybe you're part of the cause
Or ignorant of the real
solutions to the problems
Track Name: That Infallible Thing (Logic)
Stomping around proclaiming
others are dumb, others are wrong
Your logic's superior
Your arguments are strong

Those who disagree
illogical--making no sense
Your knowledge is flawless and complete
Any challenge is an offense

Incredulity has you blinded
Others may have studied
Things you've never considered
or biasedly ignored

making your logic
a logical fallacy
Track Name: Mob Mentality
Afraid their rights are being violated
Time to find the nearest scapegoat
One that's not their race, orientation,
religion, gender, or political party

Blind Vengeance
[U.S.]American Way

Lynch Mob
Mob of fury
Lynch Mob
Mob of fools

Too angry, lazy, and ignorant
To research the real source of injustice
All that matters is
deliriously protecting an immature self

Jaded filter of the 'truth'
Fueling tantrums of naive rage
Misinformed from the start
joining in the mob

Blind Vengeance
[U.S.]American Way

Lynch Mob
Mob of fury
Lynch Mob
Mob of fools
Track Name: Gory, Gory, Hallelujah
Entertainment, sensationalism, guilt
Exploitative violent imagery
Is that what you use to be relevant?
A whip, three nails, and a tree

What do you hope you're accomplishing?

A cheapening of what you adore
Appeasing those who thirst for gore
A further burdening on the depressed
Through worthlessness and guilt that you stress

Violent minds don't have need
For a violent haven
You forget no one asked
for a bloodied cross

For what was freely given
No blood can be
on any hands but God's
Besides, isn't He risen?
[Where is your focus placed?
On a guilt trip or love?]
Track Name: Errant
Your excuses are simply excuses
Your rationale is irrational
Track Name: Let's Not Be Too Compassionate Now
Life and death
Life and death

Are in the power of the tongue
Yet from your shepherd's tongue I hear
'If we get sensitive about words
It will never end, so why care?'

Too sensitive
to what?
The power of
life and death?

and the sheep say, 'baaa, baaa
that's just politically correct!'
Is it shallow to care about others
and the power of words

or is it that
you're far too holy
far too shallow
to care?

Life and death
Life and death
Track Name: So Tough, So Violent, So Macho, So Incomplete
Worshiping at the throne of militarism
Your view of a "real man" glorifies weakness

Threatened, afraid
in need of a gun
Claiming it strength
to walk in fear

The need to fight,
kill, and overrun
Your bullets are nothing more
than hardened tears
Track Name: Natural Order
It's not foreordained
It's not just how it is
It's not the way things work
We don't have to put up with it

What you see
What you hear
What you know
Social construct

Established by no order
but the ruling order
Stuck in comfort
Stuck in tradition
Stuck in privilege
Stuck in the fear of change

constructs of fear
deconstruct the order
With no fear rebuild
Track Name: Citizen Meme
Sharing caustic pictures and captions
That you think say it all
This is how you take action
Irrational, unfounded, generalizations

Whatever appeals to your self-interests
If the wind blows in the right direction
You jump on board and set sail
Thoughtless and absent introspection

Never examining
Never digesting
Excreting the waste

Simple minded and blind
regurgitating others' thoughts
Parading truth is on your side
Maybe mere broken fragments of it

Until you refine
the elements
Making them your own,
To embrace or disown,
And feed on diversity
Verifying validity
I won't take
your parroting seriously
Track Name: Egalitarianism is a Big Word for You
Why do you say
in one breath
and dismiss the oppression
of women, people of color,
and gays with the next?

Wanting to look and feel good
Embracing shallow compassion
Token efforts to be involved
enough to feel like a saint
and maintain your right to be "right"
Helping 'those' people in 'that' country
No ownership of the oppressive systems
That you're part of daily

Using religion and charity
for twisted mental and emotional safety
Refusal to give up
Your image and privilege
Your egalitarianism is a sham

A big word not practiced
Is no shortcut to equality
Your dismissive tone is absurd
Weak attempts to escape accountability
Track Name: You Will Bear What You Bear
All who draw the sword
Will die by the sword
Track Name: Self Loathing
The love of self is not selfish
Pure self-denial won't see you blessed
"Love your neighbor as your self"
You cannot give what you do not possess

Death to the flesh isn't about
being an empty, broken, vessel
It's refinement and betterment
Building up you the temple

Does one grow better starved and neglected?
or healthy, tended to, and satisfied?

Personal neglect
Self abasing hate
are not of love
Not of grace

The love of self is not selfish
Pure self-denial won't see you blessed
"Love your neighbor as your self"
Rest care for yourself when distressed
Track Name: Poor White Racist
"Whites experience racism, too!"
"No one cares when we get called names!"
Framed as an attention stealing
'us vs. them' sentiment

"But affirmative action!!" you cry
oblivious to the affirmative-action bonus
that came with the cradle
You don't care about equality

Trying to hide it
Trying to deny it

Blind to institutionalized racism
And underlying racism in culture
You only complain to minimize
The systemic oppression of others

Trying to hide it
Trying to deny it

For change we have to talk about both
individual and systemic racism
Pointing the fingers of blame,
only when you feel like,
won't change anything
Track Name: Adoring, Controlling, Zealots
Why won't you write
What I want you to write?
Why won't you tell them
What I want you to tell them?

Why won't you behave
how I think you should behave?
Why won't you be who I want
instead of who you are?
Track Name: Binary Thinking
Out of flesh and blood creating enemies
Humanity shared unity denied
Merely looking AT the "other side"
Rather than seeing through their eyes

Inability to take on other views
Shallow effort to walk the paths of others
Rejecting without full consideration
Maintaining binary thinking

Jumping to conclusions
Either or/Black and white
Narrow minded tunnel vision
Always have to be right

Maintaining binary thinking
Track Name: Hate the World, for I First Created it
Few who believe in a Creator
Are informed by creation
Shutting out the world
Archaic stasis

Maturing creation watches
The Creator's ambassadors
Live ignorant and intolerant
Presenting "love" tainted by hate

Doctrine devolved
to hate and division
2000 year old thinking
Divergent from the beginnings

Commissioned teachers of compassion
Reputation now precedes
Veil of attempted love
can't hide failure

Commission perverted
'Bow down to our ways'
'Or we'll exclude, destroy'
'Shame and defame'

Pale portrayal of love
When the hated world
loves better
Than those of faith