Never Enough

by Flesh Incineration

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released February 17, 2017

Artwork by Cryptworm



all rights reserved


Flesh Incineration

Flesh Incineration is from the United States and is influenced musically by grindcore, goregrind, powerviolence, and brutal death metal.

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Track Name: Never Enough
Starving for position, status, and control
Separating yourself from your humanity
Might as well be true you sold your soul
Making your moves devoid of empathy

More than enough
Never enough

Must possess Must repress
Must possess Must oppress

Committed to a consuming pursuit
Taking over, eating you from the inside
Decomposing just beneath the surface
You will decay along with your power

Whatever it takes
to increase the profits
Whatever it takes
To line your pockets
Worker, consumer,
"Collateral damage"
Blind them, abuse them
Lose yourself

Where there is greed--peasant or king
There is no song of hope to sing
No resounding victory to proclaim
For it all comes crashing down
Track Name: Corporate Care
Cultivate voices
In the voiceless
But if you speak up for yourself
You will be silenced

Empower for self-advocacy
But if you practice
What we want you to teach
You will be crushed and villainized

You're only one of us
Until you're not bowing down far enough
Track Name: Say Goodbye
Goodbye to what you never knew
Welcome parade of folly
Goodbye to a semblance of truth
Welcome abundance of lies

You've given up a past
That you couldn't see
Chasing after another
That’s not reality
Illusion of 'great'
Built upon deceit
And narcissism

Hope that if you finally see
Reality still exists
Hope that if you finally hear
The truth still persists

Demonized what’s been in front of you
Welcome to the devil at your door
No clue where you are
Limited insight into where we've been
Blind to where we're headed

Hope that if you finally speak
You still have a voice
Hope that after all is done
You still have choice