The Slaughtered Lamb Split

by Flesh Incineration

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Digitally released as part of an 8-way split through Christian Grind Records in November, 2014. Released on CD through SkyBurnsBlack Records in January, 2015.
Collected here are the four tracks recorded exclusively for this split. The remaining songs featured on the full split are available on other Flesh Incineration releases.


released November 23, 2014

Artwork & Packaging by Dustin James Design



all rights reserved


Flesh Incineration

Flesh Incineration is from the United States and is influenced musically by grindcore, goregrind, powerviolence, and brutal death metal.

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Track Name: More Than a Verb
Love is not an empty word
to be carelessly claimed and betrayed
Love is more than a verb
More than going through the motions

Love is far beyond sacrifice
or an obedience you can act
Love is a belief, love is a perspective
an encapsulating way of life

Not done out of duty,
obligation, or romance
It presupposes the worth of others
regardless of status and difference

Does not attack
Is not ignorant of others' suffering
Is not controlling or jealous
Listens openly and understands

Love doesn't just tolerate
where disagreement occurs
Love accepts disagreements
and maintains respect

Love believes the lives
and opinions of others
are of value
Simply for being

And all of love begins
with knowing that you yourself
are valued and loved
Simply for existing
Track Name: Blessed are
Blessed are those
who cultivate peace
Blessed are those
who abhor violence
Track Name: All Creatures
All creatures
All creatures
Track Name: No Monsters
You call them monsters
Look closer and see
They're the offspring
of our society

You would write them off
You would damn and condemn
rather than heal
and the cycle would continue

No support
for "monsters"
No patience
No mercy

Only stigma and punishment
For those who could have just as easily
Been you or me
Had we experienced the same traumas,
Been raised the same,
born with a different chemical balance,
or lacking supports

Long before becoming
a cause of suffering
They suffered

Look closer and see
They're the offspring
of our society
May grace persist